North American Long-distance & Irruptive Migrants

The Hilliardton Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area, located in Northeastern Ontario, 180 kms north of North Bay, 15 kms southeast of Englehart is a provincially significant wetland. Home to over 600 species of waterfowl, songbirds, mammals, fish and plant life, Hilliardton Marsh is continentally significant for waterfowl migrating to and from the James Bay and Hudson Bay lowlands. It is also a significant location in North America for studying owls. 

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HMREC Presentations

HMREC AGM (Nov. 5th, 2015) This is a 50 minute presentation that highlights Canadian research and researchers in the study of migratory birds. It was meant for a general audience with moderate technical understanding of scientific research, particularly tools used to study birds.

HMREC AGM (Nov. 7th, 2014) This is a 15 minute presentation meant for a personal audience familiar with birds and interested in my research at this point in 2014. 

HMREC Annual General Meeting (2013) This is a 50 minute presentation meant for an audience with a familiarity with bird banding. I highlight the importance of HMREC locally, regionally, and internationally in promoting the study of migratory birds.